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AMS Inform has entered into a strategic partnership with Central Test, a world leader in online psychometric testing to offer these new services. Users can now take a self administered test from the website VINFORM.COM

Online Services

VINFORM is AMS Inform's secure, web-based education and employment verification service, available 24/7 at This service allows requestors such as prospective employers, individuals, government agencies, matrimonial websites, job websites to confirm a education and employment information.

VINFORM relives much of the administrative burden associated with education and employment verification and allows you to focus on core business functions. Most importantly, VINFORM helps minimize the risk of releasing inaccurate information. VINFORM helps in faster response to verification request and will enables more control over what information is shared.

Built on Best Practices. >MS Inform brings best practice to the verification process including:

  • Secure Login
  • Dispute Resolution

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