Business Information Reports

Planning to enter into a joint venture agreement or partnership with a Indian company? Protect yourself from fraudalent and fake companies and businesses with our business information report service.

Dependable Credit & Status information about potential business connections is indespensible when making decisions about future business relationships.

That's why, AMS Inform makes available an array of comprehensive reports for all kinds of Indian firms and Businesses, which can provide you with valuable insight into the company and minimize the chances of fraud.

The contents of the report include :

  • The basic company data such as date of incorporation, authorised & paid up capital, location and addresses of different offices, directors and major shareholders along with their shareholdings
  • Background & history of the company
  • Information about the activities of the company, no. of employees, sales & purchase terms and operating premises
  • Names and addresses of bankers
  • Information about the key partners or the Chief Executive of the company
  • In case of limited companies two years of financial data
  • The names and details of relationships with the subsidiaries, affiliates and parent company
  • Any event, incident or activity of the company because of which it was in news recently
  • Our opinion of the company

The infomation in these reports comes from several sources, which includes our in-house database, Company Registry records, Balance sheets, Press reports, trade sources and field interviews to name a few. Contact us for a sample report.

To order a business information report about any company, organization or business in India get in touch with us by clicking here