Insurance Claim Investigations

Protect yourself from fraudalent and fake insurance claims with our insurance claim investigations service.

In the United States insurance fraud is estimated to cost US$875 per person per year with The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimating the loss to be $80 billion per year and Medicare estimating fraud in its system costs the government $179 billion per year.

So, it's easy to understand how large insurance fraud's in asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal could be, due to the size of the economy and population. At AMS Inform, we provide pre-insurance reports on individuals and conduct inspections of health, life & disability insurance claims for a host of American & Canadian Companies and check for fraud and inconsistencies. With AMS Inform you can leave the insurance fraud investigations and claims investigations for asian countries to us (learn more about why you should be using AMS Inform services, click here).

Of course, needless to say Insurance claims investigation services from AMS Inform are cheap, compared to the loss, which your company might be suffering from fraudulent claims. Unfortunately due the complexity involved in such claim investigations, we are not able to offer you a free trial, but contact us to get a preferential rate.