Our IT Infrastructure

At AMS Inform, as one of the leading background check providers in India, we understand the importance of IT infrastructure and good IT practices. That's why we have ensured that we use the best of technologies, and computing infrastructure, some of which include the following
  • Legal Software

    We use only legal software at AMS Inform; every software in use at AMS Inform is fully licensed and certified, which ensures we get quick and official support for our software, reducing downtime and business risks.

  • Firewall and Proxy Gateway

    Built on a Linux platform, our firewall and proxy gateway protects AMS Inform IT infrastructure from external threats and risks, while keeping our data secure, and away from spyware and other malicious threats.

  • Controlled Remote Access

    AMS Inform IT infrastructure currently doesn't allow any remote access to data, which ensures data security. In the future, if AMS Inform needs any such remote access, we are also fully equipped to do it over a secure VPN link.

  • 24x7 Technical Support

    AMS Inform uses a 24x7 IT support service provider to ensure our IT hardware runs 24x7, minimizing any downtime, in addition to our IT Department.

  • Physical Access Control

    Our important IT infrastructure like servers and routers are physically located in a server room with physical and electronic access controls, which is accessible only by the IT department.

  • IT Policies

    AMS Inform drives it's IT system usage and control with documented policies regarding usage of Internet, access controls and password management. Our policies dictate and monitor crucial information storage like backups and enforce policies like changing passwords regularly.

  • Offsite Backups

    All critical data used and needed by AMS Inform is backed up regularly onsite and offsite, with a backup copy kept in a fire-proof secure location.

  • Secure E-mail

    In order to provide additional e-mail security for our clients, our Internet mail servers use TLS encryption to provide a secure SMTP environment between a mail sending server and our server. As a background check services provider, this ensures that an e-mail sent to us will only be viewed by us. In addition a certificate verifies that the mail that you send to amsinform.com actually is being received by us.